Eighth Annual Tony Woiak 2019 - Summer
Washburn History Festival

Washburn Harbor View Event Center

Presentations begin at 7:30 pm 

Tuesday, June 18 – Last Soldier Project – Sam Solberg and Richard Rewalt – The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War Department of WI (SUV) is part of a national project aimed at commemorating graves of the last known buried Union Veteran in each county of every state.  The Bayfield County Historical Society is joining with SUV to honor and mark the final resting place of Bayfield County’s last Civil War Veteran, David Monroe.  Monroe died on March 8, 1945 at the age of 98 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery in Washburn.  He was a member of the Washburn City Council and a Supervisor on the county board.  Join Richard and Sam as they discuss the life of David Monroe, the SUV’s Last Soldier Project and the dedication ceremony planned to mark Monroe’s grave site.
Music:  Tom Draughon     

Tuesday, July 2 – Fish, Furs and Missions:  The Archaeology of Chequamegon Bay and Islands – 1600’s to 1850 -  Dr. Robert Birmingham – Presentation will highlight archaeological and historical evidence about the development of Chequamegon Bay as a major North American fur trade center under the French, English and Americans, during which manufactured goods were exchanged with Native people for beaver pelts, and missionaries competed for the souls of the Ojibwe.  Eventually, the fur trade went into demise and life was then sustained by the commercial fishing industry.  Dr. Birmingham is the former WI State Archaeologist.
Music:   Steve Cotherman           

Tuesday, July 16 –  History of the DuPont Club –The First 100 years have gone fast!  Beta Bodin, Jeff Anderson and Coke Lindsey have collaborated to research and present the history of the DuPont Club, also known as Washburn Civic Center, Historic Civic Center and just “The Club”.  It has been part of Washburn’s history since 1918.  Come and hear the history, the old stories, present stories and the future story of this truly magnificent building.
Music:  John Peterson                                                                     

Tuesday, July 30 – The Washburn Coal Dock – A historical sketch in fact, photo and story of the “Coal dock”, a substantial feature of the original Washburn commercial waterfront from its inception through its disuse following the demise of the DuPont Barksdale works in the ‘70’s.  Presentation by Gary Holman with help from John Garland and the Michela family.Music – TBA     

This history festival is sponsored by The Washburn Area Historical Society and the Washburn Heritage Association.
Helping to preserve and protect our area’s rich history. 
Refreshments will be served before and after the presentations. -$5 admission