This history festival is sponsored by The Washburn Area Historical Society and the Washburn Heritage Association.
Helping to preserve and protect our area’s rich history. 
Refreshments will be served before and after the presentations. -$5 admission

Tuesday, July 31 – “Ballyhoo!  Backstage!  Big Top Tent Show Memory Wars of the Song and Chance Man” Lake Superior Big Top Chautauqua founder. Impresario and host Warren Nelson brings to the stage his 23 years of being top hat of this WI treasured tent show where his wit, humor songwriting and pen stood at the centerpole of Chautauqua’s shows.

Music:  Warren Nelson                                                                                                   

Tuesday July 24 –  Sata Ratkaisau: A Look Back at the Finn Settlement -  Join Irene Blakely for a walk back in time down Friendly Valley Road at the junction with Niemisto Road to uncover the lives of the families who made up the 100 settlement, “Sata Ratkaisua”.

 Music:  Jan Lee and Kris Edmunds      Music Sponsor: Don Ekstrom

Tuesday, July 10 – The Great War Comes to Washburn -
 The First World War had a profound effect on the Washburn community. The sudden surge of activity at the DuPont explosives plant in Barksdale had widespread impacts throughout the city and surrounding area, but many local families had individual stories to tell of sons and daughters who went off to serve their country. Seven of these men and one of these women never came back. Bob and Susan Mackreth will offer a view of the home front and tell the stories of the Washburn men and women who served in the war, using their own diaries and photo albums to offer a glimpse into their experiences.

 Music:   Rick Gilman      Music Sponsors: WAHS


Tuesday, June 26 – Karlyn’s Pretty Good Pot Shop – Join Karlyn Holman as she shares her fifty-year-long history of beginning a small “brick and mortar” pottery shop to developing the space into a present-day art school.  She will show how 30 dusty potters worked the first twenty-five years and then Karlyn’s passion for watercolor painting took over.  Today, a retail store, online classes, an online store, frame shop and a large classroom are in place of the dusty quarters.

Music:   Russ Darwin, Dan Holman    Music Sponsor: WHA & Gary Holman                                        

Seventh Annual Tony Woiak 2018 - Summer
Washburn History Festival

Washburn Harbor View Event Center

Presentations begin at 7:30 pm