Map of Bayview

Town of  Bayview History Committee (BHC) is a sub-committee of the Washburn Heritage Association (WHA)

The BHC was established in 2018 by a group of individuals dedicated to preserving the history of the Town of Bayview. Its mission statement reads:

The Town of Bayview was formally incorporated in 1913 and comprises an area of 56.1 square miles. Bayview is located between Washburn and Bayfield. When driving north on Hwy 13, its southern boundary is Gary Road and its northern boundary is Old Kennedy Road. The eastern boundary is the shore of Lake Superior and the western boundary  is about four miles west of Church Corner Road on County C.

Mission Statement

The Bayview History Committee exists to collect and preserve the history of the Town of Bayview and to make it available to residents and the general public.