Other activities included learning how to decode messages using Morse Code as was done when the Omaha railroad arrived in 1883. A culmination of the program found the students blowing train whistles as the train passed through a 1913 train set. Send your inquiry on upcoming school programs to bayviewhistcom@hotmail.com

School Programs

School programs for 4th grade students from Washburn, Bayfield, South Shore and all grades of the LaPointe school were held for the first time this spring. Over 80 students spent two hours doing various hands-on activities to learn about Bayview’s history, the Omaha Railroad, First Nation and European Immigrants. 

Graffiti on the Depot Walls

When the drywall was removed from the Houghton Depot, hundreds of graffiti were found on the four walls. Many had dates and names and others had only initials. Through research of archives and census, one of the BHC members has been able to identify over 40 of the graffiti. These findings have been converted into material used in the school programs. BHC members are looking for more information on these graffiti. When you visit the depot take time to look around to see if you recognize any of the graffiti.