Rails reached Houghton Point on July 21, 1883. 
This led to the construction of the Houghton Depot and the development of Houghton Village.

The railroad brought many vacationers to the lakeshore.


Quarries were the reason Houghton Village was built by Prentice, Maddocks and Tucker in 1857.

Bodin docks
Fishing boat
Sign with trees

The Bodin docks that still remain along the lakeshore speak of a history of fishing that still exists today.

Finn Settlement Sign
Erected plaque
First Settlers plaque


Bayviews's History from European arrival to present

Many artifacts have been found along the lake shore area suggesting that there may have been a fur trading post activity.

Houghton Village was developed in 1857 for the workers of the brownstone quarries. This included dormitories, post office, homes and a school and depot that still exists.

By 1890, immigrants from Finland arrived and developed a settlement west of the Sioux River. Today remnants of the Finn settlement remain and its location is identified by historical markers located at the north end of Big Rock Road and Friendly Valley Road.

Though we know a lot about Bayview, much remains unknown. Members of the BHC are actively looking for information on Bayview’s history with a goal of producing a complete history of this area and offering educational programs in the restored depot.