In late 2021, BHC members involved with interviewing Bayview’s oldest residents had the privilege of spending time with Elvera “Vera (Maki) Warmuth who at the time of the interview was 103 years old. Her clear mind, sparkly eyes and sense of humor provided the BHC with an insight into what life was like in the late 1880s and early 1900s. Her story and those of others being interviewed will be captured in a book being produced by the BHC on Bayview’s history.

Oral Histories

Individuals who remember or know about the early history of the area are being interviewed and photos gathered.

If you or anyone you  know  might be willing to be interviewed please send an email to You will be contacted by a member of the BHC.

Elvera “Vera (Maki) Warmuth

Louis Schindler

Louis Schindler